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    For the booking of a plot, is a stay of minimum 2 weeks (14 nights) during the period 01.07. to 31.08. requested,  while for the other months is a stay of a minimum 1 week (7 nights) requested.
    The plot will be decided by the direction, so we exclude complaints, renunciations and requests of compensations.
    The direction will try to make your wishes possible, if the situation in the campsite allowed this.
    The booking starts at the arriving day at 12 a.m. and ends at the departure day at 12 a.m.
    By the receiving of a request of booking, it’ll be asked for a payment of a deposit about to 1/3 of the booking. In case of cancellation of your booking, the advanced account will be paid back only if you inform ( written ) us 45 days before your supposed arrival.
    Otherwise the amount will be kept in full. In case of anticipated departure, the booked stay must be paid completely.
    Bookings for the next year, starts from the 15th March.

    A.m.s.a. S.r.l.

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